Automotive Coatings Price Sheet

Prices assume disassembled, clean “standard” parts in good condition.  Do not send assembled or dirty parts.

Swain Tech Coatings Order Sheet (Word doc)
Swain Tech Coatings Order Sheet (pdf)

Pistons – Standard Size Non-Diesel Pistons

*TBC on Top and PC-9 on Skirt* $48.00 each
Gold Coat on Top and PC-9 on Skirt $58.00 each
Top Only with TBC $34.00 each
Top Only with Gold Coat $49.00 each
Skirt Only with PC-9 $30.00 each
*Recommended for most pistons.  
PC-9 to Tighten Piston to Wall Clearances Up to .004″ (see note below for heavy PC-9)
Heavy Skirt Build up with PC-9 $47.00 each
TBC on dome and Heavy PC-9 $60.00 each

Only consider heavy PC-9 to tighten excessive clearance. Exact sizes cannot be held. Customer must hand polish heavy PC-9 to hold size and control thickness.  Buying the proper sized piston is the best way to obtain the correct clearance.  Using a coating to help with clearance can be a short term way to extend piston life for rare pistons.

Diesel: See diesel section for diesel piston coating prices

STEALTH COATis a coating that will allow parts to remain “stock appearing” after coating. Our TBC can be applied in STEALTH form to piston tops and valve faces. Add 10% to standard prices when asking for STEALTH.

Cylinder HeadsTBC™ Thermal Barrier Coating in Combustion Chambers and on Valve Faces

10 Cylinder (pair) $500.00 pair
8 Cylinder (pair) $375.00 pair
6 Cylinder (pair or inline) $350.00
4 Cylinder Inline $300.00 each
3 Cylinder Head $225.00 each
2 Cylinder Head $125.00 each
Single Cylinder (Liquid or Air Cooled) $70.00 each
Single Exhaust Ports (when coating chambers) $20.00 each
2 into 1 Exhaust Ports (when coating chambers) $25.00 each
Flow Coating for Intake Ports  
Single Intake Ports (when coating chambers) $30.00 each
2 into 1 Intake Ports (when coating chambers) $35.00 each

Valve and Valve Train Components

Face and Radius Side (TBC) $30.00 each
Face Only (TBC) $25.00 each
Radius Side Only (TBC) $25.00 each
Stem (PPM Low Friction) $15.00 each
Valve Springs (Set of 16 PPM Low Friction). $225.00 set
Pair of Valve Springs PPM Low Friction $20.00 each

Engine Bottom End Components

Bearings PPM Single, Rod, Main or Cam $15.00 each
Bearings PPM 8 cyl rod; 4, 6, or 8 cyl. Main $55.00 set
Bearings PPM 6 Cylinder Rod $45.00 set
Bearings PPM 4 Cylinder Rod $40.00 set
Crank Shaft Oil Shedding $275.00 each
Connecting Rods Oil Shedding. $40.00 each
8 Cylinder Oil Pump Low Friction $80.00 each

Intake Manifolds

Bottom TBC Ceramic $300 approx.
Top TBC Ceramic $350 approx.
Top and Bottom TBC Ceramic $500 approx.
Top BBE Heat Radiating Coating $350 approx.
Inside Runners Flow Coating $300 approx.
Inside Runners TBC Ceramic $300 approx.

Brake Components

Calipers TBC inside, BBE Outside $225.00 each
*BBE cannot be applied to Powder Coated Parts  
Pads TBC Ceramic on Pad Back $40.00 each
Extra Pistons TBC Ceramic $25.00 each

Miscellaneous Parts for Special Power Coatings

Rotary Rotor faces for TBC Ceramic $200.00 each
Rotary Rotor Gears, PPM Low Friction $85.00 each
Transmission Gears PPM Low Friction $15 – 85 each
Transmission Shafts PPM Low Friction $20 – 125 each
Ring and Pinion set PPM Low Friction $165.00 set
Intercoolers BBE Heat Radiating $385.00 approx.
Water and Oil Coolers BBE Heat Radiating Based on Processing Time

White Lightning (TBC-EX) Exhaust Coating

Due to the tremendous variations of part configuration, coating prices are estimates only. Exact pricing is based on the actual processing of each specific part. Used parts can be coated. Stripping paint, rust or a previous coating may require an additional charge. Headers with separate primaries (not held together with a flange) or with separate collectors will cost significantly more than the estimates below.

Nobody can get a coating to permanently bond all the way through an exhaust tube unless it is very short and open from both sides. We do not coat the inside of turbo parts so be sure to let us know if you are sending turbo parts so we can mask them properly. Naturally aspirated pipes may be coated on the inside if it looks like the coating will not interfere with the mounting of the pipe to the head or the mating part. If you have any specific masking requirements, be certain to let us know where you want the part to be masked so we know what you are looking for.

*Due to the tremendous variations of part configuration, coating prices are estimates only. Exact pricing is based on the actual processing of each specific part. Used parts can be coated. Stripping paint, rust or a previous coating may require an additional charge.

10-Cylinder Header* $550-650 est.
8-Cylinder Header (pair)*
$500 approx.
6-Cylinder Header (pair or inline)* $435 approx.
4-Cylinder Header* $350 approx.
Subaru Flat Header* $350 approx.
*Header estimate for header (pair, inline, etc.), only. Separate collectors or other separate tubing is processed and priced separately from the header.  
Cast Iron Manifold (4, 6 or 8 cyl.) $400 approx.
Turbo Charger Housing $175 approx.
O2 Housing $125 approx.
Pipes, Down Pipe, Crossover, Collector, etc. $55/foot/tube approx.

Glossary of Power Coatings

TBC™ – A ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating for engine parts. Applied about .002” thick.

Gold Coat™ – This Ceramic Thermal Barrier designed specifically for pistons in extreme environments such as nitrous, turbo, and superchargers. About .003” thick.

White Lightning (TBC-EX) – This thermal barrier is primarily used on the outside of exhaust parts. White Lightning is a true thermal barrier not an appearance improving coating.  It is common to see mar or scratch marks in normal shipping and handling.  The coating can discolor when in use.  It is possible to see bead or spike like formations appear on the surface of the coating.  There are even times it is possible to see a fracture which could lead to peeling.  In almost every situation where the base metal expands enough to reveal a fracture in the coating it tends to be the outermost layer of coating with several thousandths of good insulating material remaining.  If the performance of the exhaust coating is the primary purpose of the coating White Lightning is good to consider.  When the appearance is important White Lightning is not a good choice.

PC-9™ – Extremely durable lubricating coating for piston skirts, gears and other parts. About .0008” thick when applied to piston skirts. Can be used to tighten clearance by adding up to .004” on some piston skirts.

Poly Moly™ – Lubricating coating for low rpm motors such as diesel piston skirts. About .0008” thick when applied to skirts.

Peko Poly Moly™ (PPM) – High load, thin, low friction coating.

BBE™ – Heat radiating coating to dissipate heat.

Flow Coat™ – Non-wetable, low friction coating.