Piston Dome

Piston Domes

TBC™ Ceramic Thermal Barrier:

For most naturally aspirated and mild boost motors TBC™ is our tried and true ceramic thermal barrier coating. Swain’s TBC™ has come a long way since it started the internal engine coating revolution back in the 1970’s. Now in its 5th generation of development, Swain’s TBC™ uses Swain’s exclusive “Smart Coat” technology which allows the ceramic to expand at the same rate as the piston. TBC™ coated pistons run cooler and retain much more of their tensile strength. TBC™ protects against high temperature oxidation, eliminates hot spots, and encourages proper flame travel. The ceramic also spreads the heat evenly over the entire coated surface reducing detonation, pre-ignition and allowing the use of lower octane fuel. Less heat is conducted through the wrist pins and rods keeping the crank, bearings, oil and entire
bottom end cooler.

GoldCoat™ Ceramic Armor™ Ceramic Thermal Barrier:

As the use of Nitrous, Turbo Chargers and Super Chargers have become common place; Swain Tech developed GoldCoat™ Ceramic Armor™ to protect piston tops in these demanding motors. GoldCoat™ offers the same benefits of TBC™, but adds an extra layer of extra high temperature ceramic to provide even more protection at higher temperatures. GoldCoat™ deals with the heat spikes and thermal shock of boosted motors better than any other piston coating.