Swain Tech Coatings’ performance improving coatings for internal engine and exhaust parts are a perfect fit for the 2 cycle market. Because every stroke of the piston on a 2 stroke is a power stroke, these motors achieve power 4 strokes simply cannot make all other things being equal. Unfortunately, 2 strokes are also very limited from a lubricating and cooling standpoint. This is why Swain Tech’s coatings are essential for 2 stroke motors.

Snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATV’s, watercraft, competition saws and other applications all benefit from the power and durability gains that Swain Tech’s thermal barrier coatings and friction reducing coatings provide.

With Swain’s coatings, any type of piston can be reliably used in a 2 stroke. Do not mistake Swain’s coatings with the basic break in coatings some factory pistons are treated with or a simple plating or anodizing process done to a piston. Swain’s advanced thermal barrier, friction reducing, lubricating and heat emitting coatings have all been developed to be permanent functional coatings. Many pistons that have been Swain Tech coated would at least double the useful life. This extension of part life is in addition to the power gains Swain Tech’s coatings offer.

In the early 1970’s ceramic engineer Dan Swain developed the first successful ceramic thermal barrier coating. Dan took this technology and perfected it in both his own NASCAR modified and with leading NASCAR Winston Cup (now Sprint Cup) teams. In 1981, Swain Tech Coatings was started to provide race teams and performance enthusiast with performance improving coatings. Swain Tech has remained the coating industry leader by continually developing coatings that allow customers to achieve power and durability gains that simply would not be obtainable without Swain’s coatings.