Material Substitution

We have solved problems for hundreds of unique material challenges through the use of a process we call “material substitution”. For example, there was a high speed roll that needed to ramp up from 0 to 4,000 rpm in 4 seconds. The roll face required the wear resistance of a hard material. However, when made from hard materials, the roll had so much weight that it would shear the drive pins as it ramped up to speed. The answer? Swain Tech Coatings engineered a coating that would provide the wear resistance needed to the face of an aluminum roll. The light weight aluminum made a dramatic reduction in weight and was much easier to machine. The coating provides the wear resistance needed for the light weight aluminum to survive in this demanding application.

Another example is from a valve used in a high temperature and highly corrosive environment. If the valve were to be made from a material that would withstand the temperature and corrosion over extended periods of time, the material cost and machining cost of the part would have been tremendous. Instead of using an expensive and difficult to shape base material, Swain Tech Coatings worked with the project engineers to develop a coating which would protect the valve stem, the critical part of the valve and the rest of the valve was manufactured from less expensive, easier to machine material.

We also have coatings that will provide traction or a gripping surface. Swain Tech’s coatings are commonly used on drive rolls to replace knurling, on gripper fingers and plates, on thresholds and stair treads.