Wear Resistant Coatings

Improve the life and performance of your parts by having a Swain Tech Coatings coating applied. Swain Tech Coatings can improve your part by applying a wear resistant coating over an existing part or work with your engineering staff to select a coating which will alloy you to manufacture the part out of a less expensive and easier to machine material and simply add a wear resistant coating to the areas that require wear resistance on an existing part. We have many different materials and coating methods which will reduce the damaging removal of material from your parts surface (wear). Coatings are effectively used to prevent abrasive wear when two surfaces are sliding against each other with no intended motion, sliding wear caused by surfaces sliding against each other with intended motion, fretting wear resulting from repeated vibration, rolling or sliding motion, corrosive wear from chemical or electrochemical reactions between a material that produces a break down of the base material and erosion wear caused by liquid, slurry or solid removing material from a component.

Whatever your wear challenge is, Swain Tech Coatings has a coating that will improve your parts. Tungsten carbide, Stellite, Ceramics, Chrome Carbide, Stainless Steel, Colmonoy and even Nano Composite coatings can be applied in addition to hundreds of other wear resistant alloys. For extreme wear, Swain offers hard and dense thermal sprayed coatings. For aluminum parts that cannot be built up with a thick coating, Swain offers Lukon 24, a unique HardCoat Anodize for aluminum parts.

Wear can also be fought by applying lubricating coatings to reduce friction and provide a dry lubricated surface. Swain Tech Coatings has several solid film lubricants that are excellent for providing lubrication where parts are seldom lubricated or where permanent lubrication is needed. They are used where the operating pressures exceed the load bearing capacities of ordinary lubricants. Gear teeth, pistons, compressor rotors, splines and many other parts are coated with Swain Technology’s solid film lubricant coatings to protect against galling and fretting wear.