Race Coating Descriptions

Heat is necessary to generate power in an internal combustion engine. Engines operate by converting thermal (heat) energy into kinetic (movement) energy. Unfortunately a typical engine would make a better space heater than a power plant! Only about 25% of the thermal energy created by the combustion process is transformed into useable power. This means for every horsepower that pushes your vehicle, nearly three are wasted. Most of the energy escapes through the exhaust system or is absorbed into the engine and removed by the cooling system.

As an engine is tuned aggressively to make additional power heat takes its toll on metal often melting lightweight parts like aluminum pistons and elevating oil and coolant temperatures.

Since you cannot eliminate the power robbing cooling or exhaust systems, Swain Tech’s advanced thermal barrier, friction reducing and heat emitting coatings are the optimum modification to internal engine and exhaust parts for managing the heat of combustion to obtain optimal power.

In addition to the power gains, Swain Tech’s coatings will also protect the base metal of the parts from heat damage in the form of detonation, melting, scuffing and scoring.