Intake Manifold Coated Underneath

Other TBC Applications

TBC™ is effectively used on cylinder heads, intake manifolds, brake calipers and other areas where the reduction in heat transfer is desirable.

Combustion Chambers are coated with TBC™ to help keep as much heat as possible in the combustion chamber. Keeping heat in the chamber will increase power and lower operating temperatures. TBC™ has been specifically formulated for internal engine use so it actually decreases detonation. All heads will benefit from TBC™ being applied to the combustion chamber, but these gains are heightened with aluminum heads. Many race and turbo motors will have the exhaust ports TBC™ coated in addition to the combustion chambers. Intake manifolds are coated with TBC™ to reduce the temperature of the intake air being fed into the motor.

On some intake manifolds like a V-8, we typically coat the bottom side of the manifold to reduce the heat being transferred into the manifold. On a 4 cylinder it may make more sense to coat the entire manifold with the TBC™. Any manifold coated with TBC™ reduces the intake air temperature and that will mean more power.