Piston Skirts

Piston Skirts

Poly Moly™ Solid Film Lubricant:

In addition to power being lost through heat, power is also lost due to excessive friction. Poly Moly™ has an extremely low coefficient of friction, reduces scuffing caused by piston movement and provides back-up lubrication if your primary lubrication fails or has gone beyond its load limits.

Unlike the simple “break in” skirt coatings that are now being offered by piston manufacturers and OEM’s, Poly Moly™ is designed to be a permanent solid film lubricant coating.

PC-9™ Solid Film Lubricant:

PC-9™ is Swain Tech Coatings’ latest generation of piston skirt coating. PC-9™ has the same low friction properties of Poly Moly™, but PC-9™ is even tougher.

As part of Swain Tech Coatings’ continued commitment to product development, PC-9™ has been engineered to meet the demands of today’s high revving, short piston skirt, and long rod motors. PC-9 works well with nickasil, chrome or iron cylinder bores.

PC-9™ is commonly used to salvage a motor that has excessive piston to wall clearance. Vintage motors and other applications with hard to find pistons can have up to .004” of PC-9™ added to the diameter of a piston to tighten piston to wall clearance.