Automotive Coatings

The automotive high performance market is where Dan Swain introduced the world to performance improving internal engine and exhaust coatings. Swain Tech Coatings was providing coatings to the high performance market before high performance knew it was a market! Over the past 25 plus years of developing and applying the most effective thermal barrier coatings, friction reducing coatings and lubricating coatings, Swain has watched the high performance automotive market grow to heights few could have imagined 25 years ago. Though there are many different niches that fall within the high performance automotive category, all will benefit from Swain Tech’s coatings.

Swain Tech Coatings does a tremendous amount of work for circle track racing, road racing, drag racing and with street enthusiast building sport compacts, street rods, restoring a classic and anything else you can imagine.

Though there are different challenges each engine builder will face, all will benefit from piston thermal barrier coatings, thermal barrier head coatings, thermal barrier exhaust coatings, low friction piston skirt coatings, and low friction bearing coatings.

With any motor, if you can keep heat where that heat makes more power, 
that is a good thing. If you can keep 
that heat where it will make more power while protecting the base metal from the heat, (less heat means stronger parts), that is even better.

More power and less heat to the base metal is what Swain Tech’s thermal barrier coatings are all about.

The low friction coatings have been developed to reduce friction during normal operating conditions to free up power and to provide a solid film of lubrication if your primary lubrication fails.

Beyond the coating that will benefit anybody who is building a motor, Swain Tech offers coatings for valve springs, brake calipers, brake rotors, intercoolers, oil pumps, connecting rods, crank shafts and just about any other part that sees heat or motion. Contact Swain Tech for the coatings that would be most appropriate for your specific application.

In the early 1970’s ceramic engineer Dan Swain developed the first successful ceramic thermal barrier coating. Dan took this technology and perfected it in both 
his own NASCAR modified and with leading NASCAR Winston Cup (Now Nextel Cup) teams. In 1981, Swain Tech Coatings was started to provide race teams and performance enthusiast with performance improving coatings. Swain Tech has remained the coating industry leader by continually developing coatings that allow customers to achieve power and durability gains that simply would not be obtainable without Swain’s coatings. We have thermal barrier coatings for piston, thermal barrier coatings for cylinder heads, thermal barrier coatings for valves, thermal barrier coatings for exhaust parts and thermal barrier coatings for intake manifolds. Parts that see movement and wear will benefit from Swain’s low friction coatings. We have piston skirt coatings, bearing coatings, valve stem coatings, valve spring coatings, crankshaft coatings and coatings for other parts where friction should be reduced or a solid film of lubrication can protect the part from wear or damage. Thermal barrier and heat emitting coatings for brakes should not be overlooked for race applications. A braking advantage can be as, or more important than power gains.