Coated Diesel Pistons

Diesel Engine Coatings

Diesel engines are a perfect fit for Swain Tech’s advanced thermal barrier coatings, friction reducing coatings and lubricating coatings. In fact, the diesel engine parts coated at Swain Tech see some of the most extreme use of any of the parts we see come through our shop. Whether it is a high boos over the road tractor, a dry block pulling tractor or a multi turbo charged engine, these diesels see cylinder pressures, cylinder temperatures, and fuel cavitations or rack up the mileage that other motors simply do not get exposed to even at the highest levels of racing.

In these demanding diesel applications, Swain Tech’s thermal barrier coatings, friction reducing coatings and lubricating coatings are a necessity. Piston coatings, valve coatings, bearing coatings and exhaust coatings are the most common coatings we apply for the diesel market.

With the cost of fuel, the cost of expensive tear downs, the damage caused by cold starts and the expense of replacement parts, Swain’s coatings should be a top priority for any serious diesel engine builder.

Parts coated with Swain’s thermal barrier coatings and friction reducing coatings will have longer part life, increased fuel mileage and make more power.

In the early 1970’s ceramic engineer Dan Swain developed the first successful ceramic thermal barrier coating. Dan took this technology and perfected it in both his own NASCAR modified and with leading NASCAR Winston Cup (Now Nextel Cup) teams. In 1981, Swain Tech Coatings was started to provide race teams and performance enthusiast with performance improving coatings. Swain Tech has remained the coating industry leader by continually developing coatings that allow customers to achieve power and durability gains that simply would not be obtainable without Swain’s coatings. We have thermal barrier coatings for pistons, thermal barrier coatings for cylinder heads, thermal barrier coatings for valves, thermal barrier coatings for exhaust parts and thermal barrier coatings for intake manifolds. Parts that see movement and wear will benefit from Swain’s low friction coatings. We have piston skirt coatings, bearing coatings, valve stem coatings, valve spring coatings, crankshaft coatings and coatings for other parts where friction should be reduced and a solid film of lubrication can protect the part from wear and damage.