NHRA Best Engineered Pro Stock Bike

NHRA Pro Stock Bike

Clarke Paris and the CRAVE (Cops Racing Against Violence through Education) backed Suzuki GSX-R have been honored with NHRA’s “Best Engineered Pro Stock Bike”. Swain Tech Coatings is pleased to provide Clarke with performance coatings to help make this possible. With TBC and Poly Moly coated pistons, this bike truly is exceptionally engineered. This 1500cc Suzuki which red lines at 13,800 rpm has been producing impressive results for the Winning Combination Team.

Clarke is the fastest cop on two wheels and his goal is to race into the hearts of youth to build a strong foundation for our future. Clarke is a year veteran of the Las Vegas Police Department and founder of CRAVE, a non-profit organization created to teach students about life skills, police work and improving neighborhoods.