World’s Fastest Street Legal Bike

Eric Paquette and his crew at Dracut Alternator Service may have assembled the fastest street legal bike ever. Paquette is a horsepower enthusiast with great technical and fabricating ability. Most of the parts and pieces on the bike were drawn up and made by Paquette.

Fastest Street Bike

This speed machine is based on a GSX-R1100 with many modifications. The fuel injection system is modified from late-model GM cars and takes in air from an intake Paquette developed. Eric also fabricated the modified triple-clamps, the aluminum fuel tank, all the fairing brackets, a clutch cover for the MTC lock-up clutch, and many other parts.

Displacement was bumped to 1,186 and the 80mm pistons are held together with Carrillo rods and a modified crank assembly. An Air Research turbo unit with Tial wastegate spins in a custom turbo exhaust system. Bosch fuel pumps supply the gas and nitrous injection backs everything up.

To make sure the pistons live in this extreme environment, Paquette sent them off to Swain Tech Coatings in Scottsville, New York for the ultimate thermal barrier and low friction coatings. Swain Tech has been developing and applying high performance coatings for over 25 years and is widely recognized as the leading coating company. The pistons were coated with Swain’s ceramic TBC (Thermal Barrier Coating) on the domes to reflect the maximum amount of heat into the combustion chamber and to keep the heat out of the piston, allowing the piston to run cooler and stronger. The skirts were coated with PC-9, a low friction/anti-seize coating to reduce friction loses and improves the wear characteristics of both the piston skirts and cylinder walls. Even after extensive abuse in this motor, the coated pistons still look great.

The results of this high performance masterpiece is a bike that will run in the low 9’s and 160 mph quarter mile all day. Beyond the impressive quarter mile times, the top speed is where this bike really lights it up. For a street legal bike to pass the 200 mph mark is doing well, when it breaks 210, that is something to applaud. This 420 rear-wheel horsepower bike topped out at 213.766 mph and remained remarkably calm, cool and collected during top speed passes.

Fastest Street Bike

The combination of Paquette’s uncanny ability to develop and blend high performance parts and Swain Tech’s high performance coatings have resulted in one of the fastest and most rideable street legal bikes out there.