Swain Tech Coated Diesel Bearings

For more than 25 years, Swain Tech Coatings has been developing and applying advanced technology coatings to diesel engine components. After the pistons are coated with Swain Tech’s TBC and Poly Moly coatings, the bearings are the next logical part to coat.

Swain Tech applies PPM, a special heavy-duty, anti-wear, anti-seize coating to rod and main bearing inserts. The coating was developed for high horsepower, high heat generating, high performance applications. The PPM coating also reduces heat, wear, cold start damage and the amount of horsepower lost to friction. By improving the lubricating properties of the bearing shells, both bearing and journal life is extended and you are protected against catastrophic failures caused by oil starvation.

Fleets and owner operators using coated bearings report an average 40°F reduction in oil temperature, 2-3 more pounds of oil pressure, and much less abrasive wear on bearings. Coated bearings also last longer and perform better.

Coated Diesel Bearings

Changing coated bearings at 250,000 miles is rarely necessary. The Swain Tech coating lubricates during cold weather start ups. “Spider webbing” and cavitation from oil bubbles are eliminated and the coating protects bearings from oil starvation and contaminants like antifreeze.

Take advantage of this advanced technology at your next rebuild. Payback in better performance and extended engine life will begin accruing as soon as the truck is put back into service. Better performance and more miles between overhauls.

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