World’s Fastest Motorcycle Land Speed Record Holder

Feuling Advanced Technologies Captures 4 World Records

Motorcycle Streamliner

The Feuling Advanced Technologies special construction motorcycle streamliner streaked across the famous Bonneville Salt Flats November 5, 1997, establishing a history making official top-speed of 332.103 miles-per-hour. Rider, Jim Feuling, achieving the fastest speed ever recorded for a motorcycle on his way to capturing two AMA (American Motorcycle Association) and two LSA (Land Speed Authority) world speed records in his single-engine streamliner. On the record-breaking return run the Streamliner recorded an unofficial top speed of 370 miles-per-hour.

The key to Feuling’s success is in four parts: it’s an ultra-light machine; it has ultra-low aerodynamic drag (credit Gene Sheehan, Max Schenkle and GM’s wind tunnel); the top crew consists of Gary Shidner, Allon McBee, John Petri, and Mike Nish; and, lastly, the driving skills of Jim Feuling.

Feueling’s long-time associate sponsors include: Auto Meter Instruments, Bell Helmets, Keith Black Pistons, Champion Spark Plugs, Goodyear, K&N Filters, Mo Tec Fuel Injection, MSD Ignition, Nate Jones Balancing, Precision Gear, Swain Tech Coatings, Tavis Corp., Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical Telemetry Systems, Total Seal Piston Rings, Van Leeuwen Enterprises, VP Racing Fuel and Wilwood Brakes.


The first Feuling record at Bonneville was established with two stock-bodied, Feuling-prepared Oldsmobile Cutlasses not only set records, but put both drivers into Bonneville’s exclusive 200 mph Club. A Cutlass Calais, powered by a Feuling-modified, stock-block, turbocharged Quad 4 with Swain Tech Coated Pistons, Head Valves and Turbo Charger set the record with a two-way average of 213.36 mph. Then a Cutlass Supreme set another class record, averaging 221.66 mph.

A year later, Feuling returned to Bonneville with a highly modified, Quad 4-based Swain Tech coated, two-liter engine mounted in an ex-NASCAR Cutlass Supreme. The engine was similar to the Oldsmobile Aerotech streamliner mill which A.J. Foyt drove to an international flying-mile record of 267.399 mph with Swain Tech TBC coated pistons, combustion chambers, exhaust ports, turbo and exhaust headers. In the cutlass, the high-tech four cylinder engine was mounted conventionally, ahead of the driveline, although the rear end was narrowed to accept four rear wheels and tires for superior traction. Dubbed the Hurst Olds, the sleek Cutlass was driven by Feuling himself to unrestricted speeds over 284 mph! He then dialed in for class G/Fuel Supercharged Comp Coupe and eclipsed the old 190 mph record with a two-way average of 221.99 mph. The other Cutlass competed in F/Fuel Supercharged/Sedan and with Holly Hedrick driving, upped the record to 230.850 mph. Cars utilizing a Feuling-prepped stock-block, 2.3 liter Quad 4. They were up against other engines as large as 3.0 liters.Thus, with these three Oldsmobile’s, the Feuling team can lay claim to not only building the world’s fastest front-wheel-drive cars but also building the world’s fastest four cylinder cars.


Previous accomplishments not withstanding, what’s being built right now at Fueling R&D stands to overshadow all previous successes. It’s a dramatically-new streamliner designed to break the all-time land speed record for wheel-driven vehicles. As with previous Feuling motorsports projects, be assured that this much sought-after title of “Fastest Car On Earth” will be achieved with a combination of hard work and innovative engineering that is certain to put this vehicle in the motorsports spotlight for years to come.

Swain Tech Coatings is pleased to be involved by supplying the high tech coatings to Feuling R&D.